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Be the envy of your Auckland neighbourhood when you book Above Ground Landscaping to lay your instant lawn

Above Ground Landscaping specialises in laying healthy, instant lawns for residential and commercial customers throughout Auckland. Whether you are a new home owner or would like to refresh your garden with a makeover, our experienced team understand how to professional prepare and lay new lawns. To discuss your requirements, or to obtain a free quote, please contact Above Ground Landscaping today. Our lawn specialists look forward to helping you enjoy a lush, green lawn sooner rather than later.

Your FAQs about ready made and roll out lawns are answered

To produce a thick, lush lawn which grass do you recommend?
Tall Fescue is lush and thick – and for this reason is our most popular grass. If you prefer a finer grass, we recommend fine fescue.

My lawn surface is uneven. Can you level it out?
Yes. We use a cultivating lawn mix to level out an uneven surface. The sand in our lawn mix also helps with drainage and encourages the instant lawn to flourish.

If you want the highest quality garden turf and soil, avoid clay- based turf which is typically used in many Auckland lawns

At Above Ground Landscaping, we steer clear of poor quality turf and soil. Most turf in Auckland is typically clay-based and fails to disperse water evenly. As a result clay-based turf can have a patchy appearance, which looks sparse and uneven. 

Luckily for you, Above Ground Landscaping refuses to use Auckland turf and instead sources the best quality turf and soil from the Waikato. This means your lawn has the best possible chance of growing lush, green and even. Our lawn specialists understand what makes a lawn attractive and hard-wearing for children and pets. If you want a lawn that is both attractive and hard-wearing, talk to our lawn specialists today about your requirements.

Besides instant lawn, you can book Above Ground Landscaping for other landscaping services throughout Auckland

As well as instant lawn, Above Ground Landscaping provides an extensive range of landscaping services throughout Auckland. From scheduled garden maintenance through to one-off landscaping design jobs, our talented team can be booked for:

  • Landscape design
  • Hard landscaping
  • Plant planning, rejuvenation and specialist advice
  • Residential and commercial grounds maintenance
  • Lawn mowing and edging
  • Professional pruning
  • Weeding and leaf removal
  • Garden clean-ups

To receive a free quote about lawn laying, or to obtain further information about our other services, please contact Above Ground Landscaping today.

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